Starting in Sicily

My first day in Sicily showed how just walking is an adventure. Traffic weaves, wanders, and often beeps, but it works. Horns from drivers feel like Italians talking. Their arms waive, voices raise, laughs are loud. Considering that, it’s no wonders that drivers honk.

This is actually slow traffic.

In contrast, the piazzas are almost library-like, and the espresso is magical, which made it easy to have a few.

I’ve also enjoyed the Italians, also I imagine they’d prefer to be called Sicilians. Most know some English, and all have been friendly. The translator on my phone also helps a bunch.

It’s too late to write much more. I need to get to sleep, so I can start cycling tomorrow. The pictures below show more of my first day. Overall, it was a wonderful day, literally full of wonderful. I like this place.