Sicilian Time

Sicilians drive fast, but they live slow, at least slower than other places I’ve seen. I think they’re on to something. And with that in mind, I stayed one more day in Catania. One reason is that I had more prep to finish for my first full day of cycling. Another reason is that I just felt like roaming around Catania for another day.

Instead of a blog post with one story or theme, this one has a few random thoughts about what I saw.

A guy is looking closely at a little round mirror and carefully adjusting his hair, for several seconds. The round mirror is on his scooter, and he’s driving in traffic with horns beeping behind him.

Walking in Catania gets your attention, fast. Cars come close, and scooters come closer. Crosswalks exist, but honestly, they could have saved the paint. It is a bit hectic, but it’s also kind of fun. You don’t follow the rules, like the ones about crosswalks. You follow the flow. I kinda like it, maybe since it’s similar to cycling.

An American finally finds the post office he needs to mail a package, after getting helps from many locals who speak no English. The post office is busy with a long queue. After the American asks one person for help, almost everyone waves toward the front of the queue, telling him to go there.