Preview of Washington Ride

Next week, I’m starting another long ride in Washinton State.

On this ride I probably won’t post in this blog since cell phone service and wifi will be rare. I’m also cycling with a friend, so I’ll spend more time enjoying nice talks and laughs instead of writing in this blog.

After the ride, I’ll probably post pictures in Instagram, which I’ve been using more often. My username there is cycle_writer. I hope you’re enjoying your own summer adventures!

4 thoughts on “Preview of Washington Ride

  1. Have another great adventure, Steve! Looking forward to hearing and seeing how it goes. Stay safe!


  2. That looks like a great ride – hopefully a lot of beautiful scenery, and so different from Italy. I love the bike setup. I suppose also a fun change using a different bike for this ride.

    I’ve been thinking about you lately, and how lucky your timing was for the Italy ride, with the heat they’ve been dealing with more recently.

    Have a great ride!

    • Great hearing from you, Ben!

      You’re right about Italy. It was nice being there when it wasn’t so hot, but on long bike rides, something uncomfortable usually happens. In Italy, my bike got stuck in the mud, and thunderstorms made for some uncomfortable nights in my tent. On past bike rides, I cycled through deserts where the heat above the road was 115 for days. Strangely, those times make for the best blog posts, the best stories. Of course, I don’t seek out those tough times, but they bother me less than they used to. I imagine David Byrne has similar comments about his rides around the world.

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