Nature’s Beauty and Beast

Post for May 25, 2021

I woke in the cabin that my friend Luke owns. Few places feel more peaceful, inside and out. The outside has a quiet woods, a wood-fired hot-tub, sauna, and an orchard. The inside has simple and beautiful architecture. Of course, I enjoyed the cabin, but talking with Luke was even better.

The picture below is a panorama, taken around the fireplace in the photo to the left. If you look close in the panorama, you’ll see the picture begins and ends with narrow red cabinet. To see it best, click on the picture and zoom in.


I said good-bye to Luke and enjoyed being back on my bike. Bluffs towered above me, and Lake Pepin was always nearby. Later in the afternoon, I found a cosy park and took a little snooze on a bench.

When I woke, dark clouds were nearby. I checked the weather on my phone and saw a thunderstorm warning.



Fortunately, it was supposed to pass to my north.
Unfortunately, it didn’t. A strong wind showed up.
Fortunately, there was no rain, and the wind was at my back. Tailwind! Yay!
Unfortunately, It did rain.
Fortunately, I quickly pulled over and put on my rain gear.
Unfortunately, it rained hard. My lower lip is a bit sunburned. Big drops or rain beat into my lip. Ouch! Lighting appeared above me.
Fortunately, a generous stranger stopped by and asked if I wanted a lift just before it rained even harder. Those strangers often show up on long rides. We call them trail angles. He told me hail was ahead.
Fortunately, the rain ended a few miles down the road, and I could finish the day cycling. I crossed the the Mississippi, from Wisconsin and into Minnesota, to stay with a friend in Winona.

The song for this post is Soulshine. On this rainy ride, the lyrics fit. Here are some. Let your soul shine; Its better than sunshine; Its better than moonshne; Damn sure better than rain…