One of the Best Days

Post for June 1, 2021

As this blog shows, I’ve enjoyed bike tours for 10 years now. This day was one of the best. The pictures don’t show it, but the day ended by staying at a lovely home on an island, more about that in the next blog post.

The song for today is Dreamin’ Man since sometimes, people who dream too much have days like today.

9 thoughts on “One of the Best Days

      • My hometown is Rushville, Illinois, which is approximately 60 miles east of Quincy. I worked with several doctors in Quincy. Hannibal, Missouri is Mark Twain land of course.

    • Two days ago, I crossed from Illinois to Missouri to see Mark Twain’s childhood home. I’m still in Missouri, about 50 miles north of St. Louis. It is fun, but sometimes a bit less so. I got caught in another t-storm yesterday, and today, I cycled on a busy road with no shoulder and rumble strips for about 30 miles. I admit that worried me, but overall, I’m enjoying it.

    • Thanks! After several hours cycling through fields and cycling up bluffs (or pushing my bike), the good days feel even better.

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