We All Get Lost, even with gadgets

Post for June 2, 2021

I started the day on Campbell Island, on the Mississippi River.

Pat and Jean hodling some pasta in the shape of bikes. They offered it to me for lunch on the road, but I forgot it.

Pat and Jean were my hosts, and they were amazing. In addition to giving me a very cosy space, they’re unusually easy to talk with. And just as striking, Jean is also undergoing cancer treatment and loves cycling. She and I had wonderful conversations about how cancer has challenged us yet also made our lives better.

The cycling today started with the lovely trails I enjoyed yesterday, but half-way through, the trail ended. Some tough roads showed up, and I got lost, at least ended up on some roads that weren’t nice. A Garmin and Google Maps can give me a route, but gadgets don’t tell us how rough that road is, which is especially important for cyclists.

The song for today is Have Faith. This one is contemporary piano, which I adore. The chords and keys in this song show what we need after getting lost.