Cycling Down a Long Ruler

Post for May 18, 2021

I spent the morning gazing at the lake from my tent while I ate breakfast and packed my gear, at Camp Patmos near Hackensack.

When I started cycling, I looked forward to seeing more of the Paul Bunyon bike trails, from Hackensack to Brainerd. I’ve honestly seen nothing like those trails before. It’s like cycling down a ruler for hours. I’ve never cycled so straight for so long. Sometimes, I weaved my bike from one side of the trial to the other just to turn. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but when I did see a small curve, I’d get my hopes up for more, and the trail went straight again. I never realized how much cycling straight for so long can wear me down.

Of course, I still enjoyed the ride, but I think you’ll know what I mean from the pictures. Today’s song, from my bike-ride-playist, is Ring Around the Moon, in an attempt to add some curves to the day.

In case you haven’t noticed, you can view a larger version of any image by right-clicking on it and choosing “Open Image in New Tab,” or something like that.

5 thoughts on “Cycling Down a Long Ruler

  1. Those straight trails are old railroad lines, aren’t they? That’s why they are so straight and flat. I enjoyed the photos accompanied by the music again. Keep em coming! 🙂


    • I thought you’d like the music, reminds me of when we shared songs in Brenton Hall. And you’re right about why the trail was so straight. I’ve cycled several rail-trails, and this one is the straightest I’ve seen.

  2. Life is never straight enough, long enough. Suck the nectar while it’s fresh, enjoy the tiredness.

    • Interesting point, about life being straight. I might be missing something, but I’ve enjoyed life’s “curves” a lot, like moving to different countries, surprises on bike tours, and the good people I’ve met in writing groups.

  3. Steven
    I have much the same experience – excited to explore – amazed by the straight level terrain – BUT I was on roller blades so I loved it! Smooth, straight and goes on forever. Enjoy the journey. Sue

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