Making the Best of Ordinary

Post for May 19, 2021

I woke up at my new friend Mike’s place, in Brainerd. I stayed with him about a week ago before cycling the eastern loop of the MRT in Northern Minnesota. This time, I arrived after completing the western loop of the MRT, in Northern Minnesota.

Mike made a nice breakfast of eggs with mushrooms, and I covered it with salsa. During breakfast, we shared more stories about adventures, but since we are Minnesotans, we also talked about the weather. Mike commented that it was supposed to rain today and that Brainerd needed it since the chance of forest fires was rising.

When I pushed my loaded bike out of Mike’s garage, he smiled and said, “I hope you don’t get rained on, but I hope we do.”

I cycled away south from Brainerd on the same route I cycled north to it, about a week ago, so much of the route was familiar, which makes it a bit less interesting for me, but of course, there were a few fun sights, as the pictures show.

On days like this when the route is a bit ordinary, I enjoy songs that really are extraordinary. This one is called If I had Known. It has one of my favorite lines in music, “Summer was invented for her to wear that dress.” I recommend listening to this song a 2nd or 3rd time, since it’s hard to absorb all that’s sung in one try.

2 thoughts on “Making the Best of Ordinary

  1. Your time in the U.K. will have increased your ability to talk about the weather!

    • My time in the UK certainly did increase my ability to talk about the weather, but over here, we don’t get much rain while the sun’s shining, which I actually enjoyed in the UK.

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