Perfect AM, 90+ PM with hills

The ride this morning was on a quiet road, with bubbling brooks and wildflowers. I love to write, but this is one of those times when pictures are far better than words.

The ride this afternoon was hard. It started when I stood still to take a picture, and my bike fell out from under me. The front gear caught my leg, in impressive ways. I cleaned my leg up, had lunch, and cycled on.

The hills continued, and when we went through a small town, the bank clock said it was 98 degrees. Hard hills and high temps wore me down. Sometimes, I stop and just slump over my handlebars to rest. In a week or two, my body should get back in shape, looking forward to it. For now, I’m looking forward to some sleep.

Here’s where we camped.

4 thoughts on “Perfect AM, 90+ PM with hills

  1. Hi Steve! Thank you for the call yesterday. It inspired met to catch up on your trip progress. Wonderful stories. The photos at the top of this page brought me to tears. Creation is so very awe- inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Maybe someday I will be on FB and stay tuned better.
    So did Marie get a special cast? How does that work? Tell her I want a photo!
    Love, Sue

    • Thanks for the kind words, Sue. The trip really has had some wonderful sights, and some very challenging hills. Marie did get a special cast, and she’s been carrying on very well. I’ll work on getting a picture for you.



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