May 15: Seeing Mountains, Climbing Hills

One highlight of today’s ride was riding along a winding country road with mountains off to our left.

The mountains were pretty, but the winding road wound in all directions. The direction that caught my attention most is when it wound up. Virginia has many little hills, steep and unforgiving. That led to an odd combination of enjoying the scenery a lot and feeling the hills a lot. To borrow a British phrase, I was “completely shattered” by the time the day was over.

Now that I’ve been cycling with the group for over a week, it’s become clear who the faster riders are. I’ll humbly add that I’m not one of them. As I’ve said before, I’m the youngest on this trip, but that does a great job of showing that youth doesn’t lead to fastest or furthest in cycling. Honestly, I find that inspirational. Another inspiration was a mailbox full of bottled water for cyclists.

Here’s where we finished on May 15.

One thought on “May 15: Seeing Mountains, Climbing Hills

  1. Beautiful photos and what a kind thing to leave water in your mailbox for bikers! Hope you have some flat days ahead.

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