A Rare Great Gift

Friends on Facebook have already seen this. It was such a nice surprise that I wanted to share it with friends here, who may not be on Facebook.

Once every many years, we get an unexpected gift, more thoughtful than we could have hoped. Sam & Jody just gave me this kind of gift, for organizing bike rides. As you can see in the pictures, it’s a book showing moments from bike rides and a “Dr. Suess-like” story. It’s like a story-book for kids, which I like. The book has an innocence that reminds me of cycling with special friends on a perfect night, and don’t we all need more innocent fun. Jody & Sam, the creativity and care in the gift says a lot about each of you, thanks so very much.

3 thoughts on “A Rare Great Gift

  1. Wow. That was great! Thanks for sharing. What good friends you have.


    PS. Where are you moving to?

    • I do have some good friends–although I like to think I always have. 🙂 About moving, I’m looking for work in the Rocky Mtn states and Pacific NW. I loved what I saw when I cycled out there. Who knows, we might be sharing a beer and laughs again.

      • Cool! I’m sure you’d love the Pacific NW. The winters are much milder, but I see snow doesn’t hamper your cycling much. Please keep me posted.

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