Riot Clean-Up

For the last few days, “nice Minneapolis” has been the center of violence in the US. I can hardly believe it, even now. I decided to stop feeling sad and help clean up.

These pictures tell the story of today, and recent days, better than I can write it. The story starts best by clicking the picture on the left below, of my bike and yellow kitty-litter pail panniers.

I do feel better about cleaning up, but after thinking more about it, the source problems still exist. You can decide for yourself what those problems are. Regardless of your choice, we better start finding solutions. Otherwise more riots will happen. Why would they not?

6 thoughts on “Riot Clean-Up

  1. I’m pretty much at a loss for words for what has transpired…. But this post, with the photos of you and others starting the rebuilding process – and what is also hopefully the start of building a better society – is encouraging. Take care, Steve.


    • You and I went through a similar set of feelings. The first riots were about 2 miles from my place, on the same day Minnesota set a new record for Covid-19 deaths. That night, I could hear helicopters from my place, since I had some windows open. Then, I went online and stumbled across the video that those helicopters were showing of looting and buildings on fire. That happened again the next night. Eventually, I learned about the chance to help clean up. I’m staying close to home today and have mixed feelings. In important ways, stopping the riots is the easy part. Stopping the causes will be the hard part, since there are many. But when life gets messy, there’s a lot to enjoy in this wonderful world.

  2. Nice to learn of your mitzvah work Steve after thinking about you during the recent protests/riots in Minneapolis. Now the contagion has spread and come close to home for me: Los Angeles. Weeping for our broken country. We need a process of “Truth and Reconciliation” in America to face our racist history and begin to understand and heal. Meanwhile, thank you for your clean-up efforts and for sharing this bit of hope! May we someday pedal together again in a country that can truly “breathe”.

    • Thanks for thinking of me and for your artful post. It made me realize how the US has two serious contagions, and Covid-19 is the easier one to solve. With both contagions, our country seems to think that denying the seriousness will do. And with both, that denial will likely lead to more people who cannot breathe.

  3. Hi Steven,
    As soon as I heard about George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, I thought of you. Then the riots. Very interesting post and the pictures were great. So reassuring that some people do care about their community enough to come out & work together. We are following the news in the UK. Despite our own Covid problems, the USA riots and police reactions have had top spots on the news here. Also, there have been demos in several cities in the UK. Like you, mixed feelings. What happened to George Floyd was dreadful but can reciprocal violence ever be the answer?

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for thinking of me and Minneapolis. A lot of people do care, deeply, but you mention an important point about reciprocal violence. It’s not the answer, on any side of the issues. My highest hope is that this experience will show Minneapolis and other places the value of non-violent and lasting options. I hope to be a part of that.

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