Fat-Bike Night-Ride

Some fun adventures are right in front of us, like getting into the woods at night and having a campfire.

I’ve already said more than I should since pictures tell this story better than any words.

We’re all looking for some fun, some adventure, or both during Covid. I hope these pictures nudge you toward getting outside some night. All you need to do is find a park, bundle up, and bring some friends (and hopefully some kids). You get bonus points by packing the makings for s’mores. After that, buy some firewood for after the walk, and the pandemic-problem we’re living with will seem far away.

3 thoughts on “Fat-Bike Night-Ride

  1. Great pictures! And great advice! Thanks for sharing, Steve. I’ll toast up a s’more in your honor if it ever stops raining here….. (That might no be until June…. 🙂 )

    As ever,


    • Well, I guess the rain just comes with the territory. And on a positive note, at least I don’t have to shovel it…. 🙂

      Take it easy, Steve. And keep cycle-writing!


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