Roam’n Roads, to and past Naples

Post for 16 June

Please pardon the pun. On 16 June, I may have cycled on a Roman Road. They’re are historic roads built by the Roman Empire, 1,000s of years ago. Several of those roads exist with surfaces that have been updated dozens, or hundreds, of times. Again, I don’t know if I was on any Roman Roads, but it was definitely roaming roads, hence the pun.

With that in mind, I’m sharing a different type of post this time. I doesn’t have historic sites or even many pretty ones. This post simply shows a day on a bike on Italian roam’n roads, since that’s where I spent most of the day. I hope you glance at the pictures and enjoy the day’s ride. The ride started in Pompeii. I stopped for lunch in Naples, not a bad little break, and finished at a campsite several miles north of Naples.

I know it’s not the safest choice to take pictures while I’m cycling, but of all the close calls I’ve had on my bike, taking pictures has lead to very few (if any)close encounters of the cycling kind, to end with another pun.

3 thoughts on “Roam’n Roads, to and past Naples

  1. Enjoyed roaming the Roman roads with you. (When in – or near – Rome, do as Romans… 🙂 )


  2. Awesome pictures, leaving the feeling of riding beside you. I think you might need second helpings on that pizza as you appear to be losing some weight. What a surprise on a journey such as this.
    Love the post.

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