Moments of less nice

Post for 23 June 17

We’ve all had days where we wonder, “This isn’t as nice as I hoped, and it doesn’t seem like the less-nice bits are changing soon.” Actually, there have been a few not-nice-bits on this trip, which that I haven’t described much. I had nights in hard rain and mud in my tent, broken eyeglasses, been lost countless times, and as my good friend Beth would expect, I have lost one or 2 things, or more.

But just like life off a bike, the bad bits seem less bad when you have a plan for some nice stuff. The pictures show how that happened on June 17.

And just when sights were really nice, this cool tunnel appeared. It was fun cycling through it, but the next few tunnels were a bit uncomfortable. I couldn’t take pictures in one or two of them since they were long and allowed no light inside. Cars had their lights on. I had a tail-light, but I foolishly stowed my headlight since I didn’t expect to need it on a sunny day.

That meant cycling in the dark for a while, hoping there were no potholes or glass in front of me. It worked out.

5 thoughts on “Moments of less nice

  1. Glaad you were able to make it through the tough parts to better places. The aqueduct is really cool. Not surprised at all to hear that you left a part of yourself there. A better was you say “lost stuff”:)

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