Officially Started, the “Mini Miss,” and music

This morning, I officially started my ride following the Mississippi River from its source in the north to where it ends in the south.

I enjoyed dipping my rear tire in the river while kids played in it. Lake Itaska is in the background.

Following tradition, I dipped my rear tire in the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itaska State Park. When the ride’s over, I’ll dip my front tire in the other end of the Mississippi, near New Orleans.

The trip feels different now. My legs are rested after a day off in Itaska, and I’m doing more than exploring places in Minnesota I haven’t been to before, which were on an optional portion of the MRT. I’m starting the actual ride. It was also a perfect day for cycling. For the first time, I didn’t have to wear rain gear to stay warm. It was sunny and the wind was at my back.

The pictures for today focus on how small the Mississippi is up here, often a few yards across. Instead of the “Mighty Mississippi,” the river is much more like the “Mini Miss.” I’m looking forward to watching the river grow, and glancing back at these pictures when it really is mighty.

Starting with this post, I’m going to share one song from the music I listen to while I ride. The first song I’ll share is A Prayer Like Any Other. Maybe you can listen to it while looking at the pictures.

To see larger versions of the pictures, right-click them and choose something like ‘open picture in new tab’.

10 thoughts on “Officially Started, the “Mini Miss,” and music

    • Happy to hear you like the song, Pam. It’s one of my favorites when I go on a long trip and leave friends & family for a while.

  1. Ride safe, looking forward to following you along your way! Keep up the song sharing. What a perfect song to get you started, could totally picture riding along Mini Miss while listening to that.

  2. Bonjour Steven,
    You seem to enjoy yourself. Different trip than the Transam not as much hill. Fiou!!! I remember those and the heat!!! Travel safely and I will follow your adventure.
    Take care!
    Marie Transam 2018

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Marie! I’m actually cycling on the Trans Am for a few miles, earlier today and tomorrow. It’s fun being on it for a bit. I’m going to send pictures to you and everyone else in our Trans Am group, hopefully tomorrow.

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