Further from nowhere

Post for May 12 – 13

Once again, I’m behind in my blog posts, even more than before. In this case, I’m going to combine 2 day into one post, May 11 and 12. Both relate to the title of this post.. I wrote this post very fast. My apologies for any, or all of the, typos.

“Hard and rather tedious stretches belong to most endeavours and in the end they are what makes the good parts shine even brighter.”

A good friend told me that recently in email, after I told her about my recent days in remote and rustic stretches. She’s cycled through many more remote places than I have, so her advice comes from experience. It’ll also nudge me along in future remote places.

I saw very few towns, not even a stand-alone gas station. I used to say Holdingford was in the middle of nowhere. Today’s ride was further away from nowhere. Of course, there were still some fun moments, as the pictures show. I have on set of photos for May 12 and one for May 13.

Pictures for May 12

Pictures for May 13