Fun Moment at Subway

Most of today was routine riding, so I’ll have the pictures tell most of the story. One fun moment occurred when I stopped for lunch at a Subway. The guy making my sandwich took an interest in my ride, which went something like:

Subway guy: You’re cycling to New Orleans? Really?
Steven: Yeah, it’s what I do for fun.
Subway guy: How far is that?
Steven: About 2,000 miles. Would you mind watching my bike while I used the bathroom? My bike is by the window in front.
Subway guy: Sure, but could you bring it inside? I might get busy helping people.

Two voices from a table behind us chimed in. “We’ll watch it.” And the guy standing behind me added, “I’ll watch it too.” I smiled after realizing that everybody in the Subways shop was watching my bike for me.

Here are some pictures.

5 thoughts on “Fun Moment at Subway

  1. You spent real money on paniers!!! The heck! 🙂 This is so great, man! SO COOL you are letting us “tag along.”

    • You’re right. I did spend more on good panniers. I did the same with my tent and rain jacket. All that gear is 10 years old and kept me warm and dry. I spent a lot less on other gear.

  2. Nice! How far did you get the first day? I believe you were targeting about 60 miles per day but…


    • Now I found the map with your mileage update. Looks like you did a little over 60. Nice. Looking forward to more updates. 🙂

  3. Looks like it was beautiful weather for a bike ride. So happy for you that you are doing this. Look forward to reading about the journey.

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