New (v or b) logging: Week 1

The video below shows another kind of blogging for me, sometimes call a vlog. In the video, I thought my mouse pointer showed up, which it did not. In this case, use your imagination about where I’m pointing to, usually in the middle of the picture.

This video is 12 minutes since rain kept me from taking many pictures in the first week. I recommend maximizing the picture to full screen.

Videos of other weeks will show up in upcoming days and weeks.

8 thoughts on “New (v or b) logging: Week 1

  1. That is beautiful! I can just imagine how much more so in person. Thanks for sharing. And please post more! 🙂


  2. nice pix! learned to speak canadian yet?

    meet any other folks along the way? any stops – towns or parks?

    thanks, Steve! Stay well!

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