Different Kind of Blogging

On this bike ride, I’m enjoying the sights more than writing in this blog. Even if I did write something, wifi and cell service are rare.

I’ve still taken many pictures of the Canadian Rockies, which are amazing. And of course, wonderful surprises have happened, as they have on every ride. I share pictures and stories with a different kind of blogging. I’ll write posts after this ride, showing and telling what happened on all or most days.

For now, you can see my location with the link below. It’s a map that updates every 20 minutes when I’m on my bike.


8 thoughts on “Different Kind of Blogging

  1. Neat! Good to see where you are. And I’m looking forward to the posts and pictures after your ride.

  2. Wow- that’s quite a journey already. Looking forward to seeing the photos from your ride!

  3. Hi Steve,

    I haven’t seen an update from you for a while, unless I missed something…. Just wondering how the trip is/was. I imagine you’ve been busy catching up on things, writing stuff down, etc.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you.


  4. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for checking in and sorry for not posting anything for a while. I finished cycling about 2 weeks ago, and since then, “ordinary life” has kept me busy, ranging from paying bills to medical check-ups. Anyway, I just posted a something describing week 1 of the bike ride, hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks again,


    • Just watched it! And commented. I was thinking of you again today. Happy to hear from you. And I understand that you’ve been busy getting re-accustomed to “ordinary life”. 🙂

      Take it easy,


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