Sweet Sorrow on a Bike

Post for 14 June 2021

This morning, I said good-bye to my great host, Karoy. He’s a graduate student from Budapest and an active cyclist. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him about bikes, international topics, and sights in St. Louis. I also enjoyed St. Louis much more than I expected. Both of those reminded me of how parting is a sweet sorrow, sweet for having the moment, sorrow from rolling away.

When I cycled out of St. Louis, I changed my route to cycle by the Mural Mile one more time. There’s so much I like about that wall. It’s public art. It changes weekly, even daily. Impressive works stay longer out of respect. The wall is brightening up a tough part of town and more.

I should have taken more pictures while leaving St. Louis proper, but I enjoyed the sights too much to think about pictures. I did take some as I approached the southern suburbs. The buildings showed a gritty old-world charm that I love.

The song for today is Simple Gifts, like pictures on the Mural Mile, new friends in St. Louis, and the lovely modest homes I saw while cycling out of the city.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Sorrow on a Bike

  1. This sure has been fun tracking your progress! Really enjoying your words and photos. And songs! Please keep the updates coming.


  2. I assume you know very heavy storm hitting the coast in a day or two and you have prepared accordingly. Nice pix and stories!

    • Thanks for letting me know about the storm. I hadn’t heard about it since I don’t read the news much when I’m on a long ride. Fortunately, I’m pretty far away, just entered Kentucky.

  3. Ah! Music from Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring. Good choice! That will keep the pedals turning. 🙂

    • Good to hear you like the choice of Appalachian Spring. I remember your appreciation and recognition of music from the TransAm. One morning back then, I played some of my favorite classical music. During one song you smiled and said, “Elgar, he’s on my playlist too.”

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