Another Change in Plan

Post for 15 June 2021

I’ve fallen further behind than ever with writing in this blog. The main problem has been internet access, which is all part of cycling the road less travelled. Instead of using my “writing time” to add to this blog, I use it to try and solve problems with internet access, often failing to solve those problems lately.

Here’s how high the Mississippi’s rose in Ste. Genevieve.

Back to June 15, I planned on spending the night in Festus, Missouri, but when I called the campsite there, the owner became grumpy when I mentioned that I wanted to camp with a tent. It’s his choice not to accept tent-camping, but I don’t know why he had to be grumpy.

I can’t understand why many campgrounds no longer allow tent-camping—especially campgrounds on major bike routes. They could offer tent-sites with no electricity or water, so all they’d have to do is mow the grass, which campgrounds do anyway. It seems like an easy way to make $20 or $30.

Anyway, I changed my plan, chose not to spend the night in Festus, and had a better day because of it. It involved another ferry ride and staying at a special place. That place is in Eagles Club in Chester, Illinois. That Club allows tent-campers to stay for free, and we often buy a meal or a drink in their club.

Even better, I stayed at that same Eagles Club in 2018 when I cycled across the US the first time, on the Trans America Bike Route. On this bike ride, I enjoyed talking with other cyclists riding on the Trans Am. Not many people have completed that route, so it’s special talking with people who are on it.

The song for today is Little Theme, since changing plans is a theme in my kind of bike touring.

5 thoughts on “Another Change in Plan

  1. Bonjour Steven,
    How are you? You seem to do a nice cycling tour.
    I remember crossing this bridge and riding a relax afternoon after. It was beautiful country. I think you took a picture of us crossing the bridge, I remember Charlie smiling on the photo.
    Merci for sharing this music, it was very calming.
    Marie from the Transam 2018

    • Bonjour Marie,
      I miss saying that. 🙂 I’m doing ok. In some ways, I’m just getting good at solo bike touring again, after being on the road for a few weeks. I remember taking a picture on the bridge at Chester as well, good memories. Sorry for taking a while to reply to you note. Wifi and mobile phone networks have been hard to find.

  2. Hi Steven, it’s great that you “completed the circle” by returning to the Eagle Club in Chester. I remember that place well… carefully picking out a “high” spot on the grass for my tent site in case of rain; dinner with the gang on the picnic tables under the shelter; sipping a brew with “Roadrunner” Tom inside the club; stepping out of the club into the approaching thunderstorm (and being thankful for the slightly higher ground for my tent!); the statues of the Popeye characters; wild Rosie and her cycling friend; the two young ladies with the kitty litter paniers; crossing the bridge into Missouri… all great memories! And now you’re making a truckload more.
    Safe and happy travels!
    Charlie from the Transam 2018

  3. For almost five years now I’ve been tied to my house, so the internet is a very large part of my existence.

    I’m wondering if the day will come when I can travel, live on the road so to speak. And if it does, will I be able to have reliable internet access? Even if I don’t need it as much, I can no longer envision life without it.

    • Maybe you could try a sample of living on the road. You could check out national parks, historic sites, or maybe some nice cabins in a quiet forest, many of which have wifi. However long long you’ve been on the road before, you could go a bit longer. My apologies if I’m sounding like a travel agent, but it’s so wonderful out here, especially the people.

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