Simple Cycling Day, Simple Pleasures

Nothing dramatic happened today. It was a simple day of cycling though the country, in the Land Between the Lakes Region of Kentucky. In this case, the pictures tell the story well enough.

The song today could be predictable. It’s Simple Gifts by Aaron Copland.

2 thoughts on “Simple Cycling Day, Simple Pleasures

  1. The pink and white flowers in the photo are those of the mimosa tree, an import from Asia. In spite of its pretty and fragrant blossoms, mimosa is considered a pest by some people because it spreads easily and is difficult to eradicate. The house where I grew up had one (a volunteer) in the back yard; it survived for years only because of my sisters’ protests against its removal. Once they moved out the tree came down.

    • Thanks for sharing what kind of tree had the pink flowers. I know what you mean about invasive plants. I like getting rid of them as well.

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