Leaving the Mississippi River Trail

Post for 18 June 2021

In a recent post, I mentioned how my plans often change, on bike tours and maybe real-life. On June 17 and 18, my plan changed again. I left the Mississippi River Trail and headed for the Nachaz Trace since several cyclists I respect recommended it. The Natchez Trace will still take me to New Orleans. Cycling to the Trace takes a few days, and it gave me almost another full day cycling on the TransAm.

On 18 June, I had a short day of cycling since there were few campsites available. I cycled about 35 miles to a campsite to continue my plan of cycling 50 miles a day to campsites on upcoming days.

Since I had a short day of cycling, I spent the morning writing in a small-town café. I love writing as much as cycling, which led to the name of this blog. But in a blog, pictures often tell a story much better than words. This was one of those days, so I’m trying not to write much, not easy for such a good day.

The song for this day is another by one of my favorite musicians, Ludovico Einaudi. For me, the song gives the feeling of a special place, and that’s what it felt like to cycle on the TransAm. The name of the song is Berlin Song, and that name brings back memories of a special German friend my Trans Am Fam(ily) met while we cycled.

I’m not writing a post for 17 June since very little happened, mostly quiet country roads. I added some pictures from 17 June to show what it was like.