Enjoyed 80 Miles in 1 Day, at least most

Post for May 27

On the day before, May 26, I woke up in the home of my new friends Taylor and Cami. I was packed and ready to leave when Taylor told me that the day would be rainy and cold. Since Taylor has completed several triathlons and bike tours, he knows that wet or cold is tolerable. But both are very uncomfortable. He asked if I wanted to stay another day and catch up on my writing. I gladly accepted.

On May 27, it was still cold enough that I had to wear rain gear to stay warm, and sometimes, rain drizzled down. I still excited to get back on my bike. Taylor joined me for about 20 miles and showed me some great sights nearby.

Even though it was drizzly and cool, I had a tailwind and maintained speeds around 15 mph. My normal average is around 9-10 mph. I know I could go faster, as many cyclists do, but bike touring is my vacation. Going faster would cause a bit of pain, and I try to avoid pain on vacation. I also like stopping for pictures and treats.

My goal for the day was to cycle for 60 miles. My overall goal for each day is 50 miles, but with the tailwind, I cycled 80 miles. For the first 70, I thought I’d become much stronger, but the last 10 miles showed me otherwise. The road changed from flat to a steep, long hills. I can’t remember if I pushed my bike toward the top, but I was definitely tempted. Those climbs did make me sleep better, at Boulder Creek Campground.

The song for today is Wonder Why We Ever Go Home. The song feels right for a day when the road is flat with a tailwind.



4 thoughts on “Enjoyed 80 Miles in 1 Day, at least most

  1. It’s fun to read you updates nice photos. At least I think so. Was looking through them on my phone without my reading glasses! Nice song, too.

    • Glad you’re enjoying it. If the photos look OK without reading glasses, I’ll take that as a compliment.

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