Cycling Through a Post Card

Post for May 26, 2021

I’ve gotten far behind on these blog posts. The problem is the fun and challenges of bike touring. As always, the fun comes from the people, but the sights also keep me away from my laptop and this blog. The challenges have been some … “memorable” hills, more on those in a future post.

For the first time since Covid started, I spent the morning writing in a café. I could indulge in that since today’s cycling was shorter than most, about 45 miles. I stayed with my new friends Matt and Melissa. Before I left, Matt asked if I was taking the trail to La Crosse, my next stop. I replied I did what my Garmin told me, usually, since it has the MRT route.

I followed a trail for most of the day—in the woods, often by water, and with many wildflowers growing near the bike trail. I really enjoy wildflowers, as today’s pictures show. I talked with a few cyclists on the trail, and I often said that today was like cycling through a post-card.

The song for this post is I Wish I Was a Painter since I’ve enjoy painting the flowers and other sights I saw today.

Some of today’s pictures will look best if you look at larger versions. To see larger versions, right-click and choose something like “open picture in new tab.”

4 thoughts on “Cycling Through a Post Card

  1. I’m glad you’re having such a great trip, Steven! You have whetted my appetite for the taste of the MRT I’ll get while touring with Tom D. and Joyce C. in August. I’m enjoying reading your blog… keep those entries coming. Happy tailwinds on your adventure!

    • Great hearing from you, Charlie! And I’m happy to hear I’ve helped get you interested, or more interested, in your ride in August. It’s great being on another long ride!

  2. Finally getting around to checking out your blog 🙂 Looks like you are having a great trip Steven! It was wonderful to meet you and to play a small role in your adventure.
    –Mary M.

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