Wonderful Wisconsin

Post for May 24, 2021

When I entered Hastings with my cycling group, on May 22, I had a tough time keeping up at the end of the ride, even when others carried most of my gear. My legs were wore out.

I try cycling 300 miles a week, about 50 miles a day. I’m strong enough now that cycling 50 miles in a day feels alright, but waking up the next day and cycling 50 again, and again the next day, and again for 5 or 6 days wears down my legs, especially since my bike 90 pounds (41 kg). All that weight comes from with gear, groceries, and water.

After taking a day off in Hastings, my legs felt refreshed, on May 24. The scenery made them and the rest of me feel even better. For friends and family in Minnesota, I highly recommend spending a weekend near Lake Pepin in Wisconsin. It’s close, full of towering bluffs, wonderful water, and other beautiful bits that are surprisingly different than Minnesota. For friends further away, I hope you can see Wisconsin too. It’ll just take you longer to get here.

My friend Luke has a cabin near Lake Pepin, which is between Minnesota and Wisconsin. He let me spend the night in his cabin, which made a wonderful day even better. Luke, thanks so much.

Today’s song is Life is Sweet. The song starts sombre, which could relate to living in a pandemic, but the song picks up later. And for anyone in Minnesota, I’ll add that life can be sweet in new ways if you take a little trip to Wisconsin.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wisconsin

  1. I’m glad you’re on the Wisconsin side! I was going to suggest that you could camp at “Mattson’s Point”, but by the time you’re reading this I imagine you’re well past Stockholm since you stayed in Maiden Rock….. I’m not sure if you remember, but my first year in college was at Winona State. That’s a great town. I hope you’re able to spend some R&R time there as well when you arrive in that area.


    • I’ve been loving the Wisconsin side, and I’d forgotten that your first year of college was at Winona. The town definitely had a good vibe. When i was there, I had a shorter cycling day after I woke up, so I had a great time relaxing and writing in a coffee shop.

  2. Lucky! Luke has the best cabin. Hope you didn’t have to ride up that hill on the way out though.
    I am glad we got to ride together briefly on Saturday, I hope it is not the last 🙁 I am putting my house on the market on the second week in June, its official! We definitely have to plan a bike adventure after I get to FL and when I buy my beach/travel van.
    I’ll be watching your progress. My work email won’t let me in to your blog (security), so I will have a reason to log in to my personal one to see what you are up to.

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      I suspected that you’d put your house on the market soon. For months, you sounded very ready to live and explore a new place, which is something else we have in common. I hope we can ride together soon as well, but if not, I know that we’ll figure something out. I’ve always wanted to cycle to Alaska. Starting in Florida could be fun.

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