Photo Album from Ragbrai

These are my favorite photos from my bike ride across Iowa a few weeks ago, called Ragbrai. I completed the ride weeks ago, but I started a new job soon after the ride. That kept me busy, so I just went through my pictures yesterday.



5 thoughts on “Photo Album from Ragbrai

    • You’re welcome. And if you ever want to experience the wonders of Ragbrai, I’d thoroughly enjoy joining you. And since you have peeps in Minnesota, you could easily stop by and see them. Tempted? 🙂

    • Hi Rick,

      Good hearing from you! And sorry it’s taken me a while to reply. My new job is taking more time than I expected.

      Hope you had a great trip to Iowa!


  1. Looks like yet another GREAT adventure. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Looking forward to the day when you and I are able to actually kick back, relax, and shoot the breeze in person. But until then… safe cycling! And please keep me posted of your next adventure. – Karl
    PS. Just got back after moving Ernest to WSU in Pullman. Classes start Monday. And if you’re ever watching a Cougars football game, be sure to look at the trumpet section of the Pep/Marching Band because he’ll be playing. 🙂

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