6 thoughts on “May 17: Good times-Video of cycling down a mountain

  1. Really enjoying taking this ride with you! So glad that you got past the “hard” of the past couple of days. Enjoy those down hills when they come. Life is full of ups and downs, learning how to push through the tough times and celebrate the great times are some of the best lessons life has to offer. Celebrating with you today!

    • Hi Bobbi,

      Good to hear from you! I’m learning that “hard” has more definitions than I expected, like the slope of hills, how hard the previous day was, and how intense the sun is. It’s still fascinating though, with moments of compete exhaustion.

      Tell everybody I said hi,


    • I’m still enjoying the idea we came up with that handlebars should have hands on them.

  2. What an awesome ride! Thanks for taking me on it. Now get your damn hands on the handlebars!!!

    • Good to hear you enjoyed the video! And about that little handlebar issue, isn’t the word “handlebar’ fundamentally singular? If it were really meant for both hands, it would be called a handslebar, right? Since its not called that, I think having one hand on the bar is entirely appropriate.

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