Western Wisconsin’s Intense Hills & Peaceful Streams

I never imagined Wisconsin could have such intense hills and peaceful streams. Last weekend, I planned my first trip there and rode it soon after. I usually make it up steep hills by using different muscles in my legs. I use one set of muscles when I sit and peddle and another set when I stand and peddle. Normally, a few cycles of that gets me to the top.

In Wisconsin, I exhausted both sets of muscles. I pushed my bike up the hills more than I have in months, partly because the Twin Cities has a lot of rails to trails, which are flat.

Fortunately, the peaceful places more than made up for it. I’m looking forward to going back, and when I do, I’ll know how to plan the route better, with fewer hills and more peace. The pictures aren’t overly-impressive, but sometimes, a simple visit to the country feels just right.