Back in the Saddle Again

20130725_195203The saddle I’ll soon be sitting on isn’t the same as the saddle from the old song you may be singing, since reading that subject line. Still, the subject line or saying is similar to where I’ll be sitting for a spell.

Alright, that’s enough alliteration for one note.

The saddle I’m returning to is shown on the left, with the rest of my folding touring bike.

Some of you may have not heard, or like me, forgotten (many things) how this blog got it’s name. I’ve cycled almost 2,000 miles on my folding touring-bike. The best part is the people I meet. The vast majority are friendly and helpful, even when they don’t speak the one language I speak. But often, they ask the same question, “You’re touring on that bike?”, as they gesture toward my folding bike. I’ve heard that enough times that I embrace it, calling this blog ‘’ I think we should all embrace the our stranger, or unique, sides.


I’ve come to enjoy that question, asking if I’m touring on that bike. I smile and make up whatever response feels right at the moment. My honest response is that I try hard not to have a lot of stuff, so I like having one bike for everything, that fits into my small apartment. I also like touring that way, staying in a tent whenever I can and cooking in the stove I carry.

Sadly, the folding touring bike I’ve used on past trips suffered20130725_195639 a serious setback. The frame cracked. Of course, many would say that makes it match the owner, but I like to say that my new bike is almost the same but has a stronger frame. It better, since I’ve gained a few pounds since I was last in the saddle, and since my new folding cycle needs to carry all the bits shown here, which weigh 50 pounds.

If you want to see a list of what’s in there, look at the very start of this blog(click here). Of course, my new folding bike needs to carry one more bit that’s even harder on the frame, me. I’m not telling how much that piece of luggage weighs.

This time, the saddle, bike, and me are off to Belgium, starting on Friday 26 July. I’ve never been there before, which is as good a reason as any to see what’s there. It’s also easy to get to from London, one 2 hour train ride and one 2 hour ferry ride. My planned route is below. Time will tell how the plans go.


Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog. I always enjoy hearing from people, so please add any comment you’d like.

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  1. Thanks for the posts. The days have been sunny, but the thunderstorms at night have been a bit intense. As for the hills, Belgium is known for being flat, a cyclist’s nirvana.

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