Cycling-Camping in France: Day zero-2

I’m going to cycle-camp in France for about a week, starting on Saturday morning.  The map above shows my planned route. I’ll be cycling clockwise on the map. On the first day, I’ll take a train from London to Dover, and then, a ferry from Dover to Calais, where I’ll start cycling. I plan on cycling until about 4pm, and then, look for a campground. I haven’t owned a car for about 4 years, but I rented one in France about two years ago. I really enjoyed the French countryside. It has a wonderful “old world” feel, where there are a lot of stone buildings and very few buildings with tin or plastic exteriors. If you’re interested, you can view the map above in Google maps and choose the option to view pictures of the area. Usually, you do that by passing your mouse over an icon in the upper-right of the map and choose “Photos.”

On the second day, 25 March, I hope to finally see the trenches from The Great War, WWI. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, but I do enjoy military history. It’ll be a unique feeling to walk in the same area where some of the most intense fighting in history occurred. I’ve wanted to see the WWI trenches ever since I read All Quiet on the Western Front, about 15 years ago. Some of the specific places I hope to visit are battlefields for:

The flags on the map, at the start of this posting, show some of museums, memorials, and other sights I hope to see.

The bottom part of the map shows my return route. That will have fewer sights from military history and more of riverside towns. All I really know about that part of the route is that it’s by a river, which is usually full of fun sights, and hopefully very few hills. It’s been a while since I cycled with 4 full panniers, a tent, and a little more–so the hills could hurt a little. I’ll add pictures and stories here, hope you stop by again.

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