Why I like the bike

I like my folding bike for a few reasons. It gets me to where I want to go, most of the time in comfort with more than enough space to carry stuff. It has 20″ tires, a bit larger than most folding bikes. After a few hours in the saddle, that makes the bumps easier to live with. But the biggest  reason is my respect for smart engineering. Anybody can make something big and strong, following the “more is better approach” that gave us the Hummer. It takes more thought to make something small, strong, and useful. If you’re interested in more details, click the link on the right of this webpage called “Webpage describing Steven’s bike.” The video, that should be connected to this this posting, describes more.

8 thoughts on “Why I like the bike

  1. Very “Inspector Gadget” or “James Bond” or something. The tire pump in the seat is really cool,

  2. I thought for a moment that you were going to pull a flask out of the seat pole instead of a tire pump. :- ) Very interesting bike, and obviously it is working well on your tour. Thanks for making the video. Bon voyage!

    • Hi Jackie,

      Good to hear from you, and I’m glad you like the bike. In some ways, it fits Mom’s passion for travel. Although, I imagine that if she ever bought a bike, she would have gotten one where Vern could have done the peddling, little humor.

  3. Very good humor, I totally agree!! Our Mom would have hunted down a bicycle built for 2 {for romance and the fact she could say, “Vernon” peddle straighter….} Sending energy thoughts support for you and an awesome sense of adventure!!!Love Jackie

  4. Now I’ve had a chance to view the map and the photos, I’m even more impressed Steven! This folding bike may have larger wheels than most, but it’s still not the obvious choice to travel the length of the country. Obviously the first consideration is the fact that your journey would have required you to rotate your wheels 38% more frequently than a conventional touring bike, but I’d be even more concerned by the rolling effect of balancing 4 paniers across those 500mm wheels with such a low centre of gravity. You have my admiration, and I will approach my own modest 130 mile adventure this week suitably inspired by your example.

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