Further into the Trace

Post for 26-28 June 2021

Every few hundred miles of a long ride is different, which is one reason I love it. But the Natchez Trace was even more different. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that no commercial traffic is allowed on the Trace, but then, some less comfortable bits sunk in.

Very few towns are nearby, since it’s a National Park. That meant fewer places to stop for a cold drink, stock up on groceries, or talk with the locals for a while. For about a dozen miles, I wondered if I made a poor choice by moving off the MRT. It didn’t help that I took an unsuccessful short-cut, as the pictures show.

But as the video shows, I eventually appreciated the peacefulness, beauty, and history of the Natchez Trace. Like my meager meals on bike tours, the lack of towns on the Trace felt like small inconveniences compared to the wonders around me.

I had a tough time finding music for today. Since the Trace is so peaceful, most of the songs that came close were better for two people enjoying a bottle of wine and candlelight. That’s good stuff but not for a blog. I chose Swiftwater by Scott Davis.