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Post for June 9, 2021

I met Paxton and her husband, Ross, when I passed through Minneapolis, weeks ago. They’ve gone on some great bike tours in South Asia and other places, so when they saw my loaded bike, they asked where I was going. Paxton is from St. Louis, so she gave me some great recommendations about what to see and what to avoid.

I was headed for the northern suburbs of St. Louis, and Paxton told me it’d be much better to enter St. Louis from the east, from the Illinois side. The northern suburbs have many miles of residential cycling. The east side has a lot of natural beauty, from the Mississippi River.

On the 2nd ferry.

With more of her suggestions, I took a ferry across the Mississippi, cycled across a large island (with the hardest hills yet) and took another ferry over another river, the Illinois River I think. Paxton was absolutely correct about the sights when entering St. Louis from the east, which show up in the pictures for today and the next day.

Since I spent a lot of time on the River on this day, the song is Leaf on a Stream. For me, few songs put me on water like this one does.

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  1. I really have enjoyed your tour through Illinois. I will be visiting Illinois later this summer. The River Road to Alton and St Louis is one of my favorite drives, especially in the fall.

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