Thanks to Rick, Cassie, & Richard!

I need to thank more people for their donations to cancer research, as a part of my ride across the US. Rick Thomas donated $86, and Cassie & Richard Lund donated $50. Rick wanted a picture of an old mansion outside of Virginia City, which has a lot of stuff laying outside of it. I enjoyed both that mansion and Virginia City. It looks very much like an old western town and has the slogan, “Resisting change since 1859.” Here are some pictures of the old mansion and Virginia City.

Cassie and Richard Lund sponsored miles near Yellowstone National Park. Here are some of the highlights.

Thanks again to Rick, Cassie, and Richard. I’ve now raised $2,637 for cancer research. My goal is to raise $1 for each mile of my ride across the US, which is $4,179. If you or anyone you know could make even a small donation, I’d really appreciate it. Click here to donate. Thanks again!