Thanks to Jill, Jackie, & Ann

I want to offer an apology and more thanks for people who have donated money for cancer research, as a part of my bike ride across the US. The apology comes from me falling behind with thanking people. We’re much busier than I expected on this ride with setting up camp-sites, shopping for meals, making meals, taking down camp-sites, and many hours on the road. It’s still a great trip, but it’s been harder than I expected to create a “thank you picture” like I have before, where I hold a sign with people’s name on it. Taking those pictures also takes more time than I expected, and usually, the sights don’t look as good as pictures I quickly take while cycling.

In this case, I’m going to thank people with some of the great sights that occurred during the miles they sponsored. People who sponsored miles in Colorado are Jill Conrad, Jackie Huber, and Ann Klockman. The pictures below show some of the best sights I saw in Colorado.

I’m well over half way through my trip across the US, but unfortunately, I’m barely over half way in my fund raising goal of $1 per mile, which is $4,179. Please consider making a donation.