Thanks Pete!

Pete Axson donated $50 for cancer research, as part of my ride across the US. I’ve only “met” Pete Axson from some comments we exchanged on my cycling blog, but I felt a quick connection. We both have prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of our bodies, but more importantly, we’re both active. Pete’s a runner, and he recently ran a race in London. That great city is something else we have in common since I lived there from 2008-2015.

Pete asked to sponsor some miles that had the “most mundane drudgery miles on the trip. That pretty much defines Kansas. That might be a little harsh, since there’s always some beauty to see in nature. I’ll describe that and other bits about Kansas in an upcoming post.

Guys like Pete and me are staying active because ordinary people donated what they could for cancer research. If you could make even a small donation, I’d deeply appreciate it. I’ve spoken with scientists who I’ave been finding new approaches to treat prostate cancer. They tell me that a cure or something close is almost here, but we need more funding to get there.

Thanks again to Pete, to everyone else whose donated, and to anyone whose considering it.

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