Getting to know the mighty Miss

I’m going to spend about 8 hours getting to know the Mississippi River today, with a 60-80 mile ride on the Mississippi River (bike) Trail. My route goes from St. Paul to Big Lake. There’s a train station in Big Lake, so me and my bike will ride it back to St. Paul, as long as I’m there by 5pm. If I get to Big Lake soon enough, I’ll check out the Sherburne National Wildlife refuge. This is my last ride before my 100 mile ride in a week to raise money for cancer research.

I love these moments before a long ride. You never know what you’ll see, who’ll you’ll meet, or what surprises will happen. But something good or great always happens. Some less good stuff happens too but that’s not worth worth wasting time thinking about, except for the good stories that come from those moments. Here’s my route.

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