Competing in a Folding Bike Race

In about 4 hours, I’ll be competing in a folding bike race, at Smithfields Market in London, which has a winding course. Folding bikes are popular over here because many people get to work by train. If you have a folding bike, you can fold it up and take it on the train with you. Then, when you get off the train, you can unfold it, and cycle some more to work. For the last 3 years, my only bike has been a folder because I want to have one bike for everything.

The race has some fun with the idea of commuting on a folding bike. All the racers must wear an “office  outfit.” Many racers have a lot of fun with that, so I’ll be wearing a distinctly American outfit. Pictures will come later. The racers being by standing at the start line. When the race starts, by waiving the British flag, the racers run about 50 yards to their bikes, where they are folded. Then, the racers unfold their bikes and pedal hard, hoping all the latches and other bits are fastened properly.

There is also a Boris Bike race, a penny-farthing race, and a race those ordinary and boring road bikes. More information is at the link below. I recommend skipping the first 30 seconds of the video.

I’ll tell you more after the race.