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Hello from Steven Malikowski, designer and developer of Online Bike Touring. This page and discussion is used to suggest improvements to the Route Lesson, in the Online Bike Touring website. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can make.

When make a suggestion, it’s important to consider the primary learners and learning objectives, so both are provided below.

The primary learners have:

  • Never completed a bike tour.
  • Cycles 20 miles in 4 hours, with breaks.
  • Completed no or very little bike maintenance.
  • Camped in a tent or are comfortable trying.
  • Access to a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and a tent for one or two  people.

Learning Objectives for the Bike Lesson

  1. Select the most important factor for determining how many miles you should cycle on a weekend bike tour.
  2. Select the easiest method for choosing a route from a list of methods.
  3. Identify helpful guidelines for any route on a bike tour..

Someday, I plan on making lessons for cyclists with more experience, but this lesson is intentionally focused on beginners. In that case, the lesson avoids jargon and even ‘intermediate’ skills since both decrease the chance that a beginner will succeed.

When you make a suggestion, please mention the slide number your suggestion relates to. It’s located above the “Suggest Improvement” button.

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