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Steven Malikowski is using this page to receive and discuss comments about his Cycling Safe app/website. The bottom of this webpage has a form where you can add comments.

The list below gives more information about the Cycle Safe app, which may affect your comments.

  • The app is in a very early stage, currently in it’s first public version.
  • After Steven gets a few comments and improves the app, he will:
    • Contact BikeMN and see if they would like to work together on the app, since it uses BikeMN’s safety handbook. Your comments are especially useful since he wants to make the app look good before contacting BikeMN.
    • Add 1 more question to each of the 3 lessons in the app, which will make each lesson have 4 questions.
    • Make the overall quiz for the app. It will have 2 questions from each section, for a total of 6 questions.
  • The app is part of Steven’s online portfolio, for his job search.

In your comment, please clarify which part of the app you’re referring to. For example, you could say you’re commenting on question 2 of the Bike Trails Lesson. Alternately, you could mention the page number, which is in the top-left corner of the app.

Thanks in advance for any comments you give!

4 thoughts on “Cycling Safe

  1. What do I do after selecting a response to a question? I chose the right arrow, assuming that was the “next” button; but it is the “skip” button and my selection was not recognized.

    • Thanks for making the first comment!

      After you respond a question, the app should show feedback on your answer. It sounds like that feedback did not appear?

      If it did not, it may be that the app is working a bit slow. You could try tapping or clicking on an answer and waiting a moment. If that fixes the problem, I’ll work on improving the response speed of the app.

      Thanks again!

  2. I tested your web site using the Microsoft Edge web browser running on the current version of Windows 10 Home and found no problems. In over 40 years of road cycling and attending many dozens of cycling events, mostly in the Carolinas, I can’t recall ever encountering the terms “bike on” or “bike off”. Are these terms in common use elsewhere? Prior to the lessons on your web site I would have had no idea what these terms meant if heard at a cycling event.

    • Charlie,

      Thanks for reviewing my site!

      You raise a good point about “Bike on” and “Bike off.” I first noticed the phrase after cycling Ragbrai, and during that ride, the phrase seemed like a bit too much safety during the first day or 2. But with 15,000 cyclists following the same route and timing across Iowa, I saw several close-calls while cyclists were going on or off the road, which is when I started using the phrases. And as you’d expect, a few people did bump into each other. After Ragbrai, I started noticing the phrase during group rides in Minnesota, probably because it’s next to Iowa.

      Having said all that, your comment still makes sense. Few rides are like Ragbrai, and its influence is likely limited to neighboring states. In that case, I’ll probably replace the questions about “Bike on” and “Bike off,” but I might wait to hear comments from other cyclists, let me know if you have other thoughts.

      I also hope you try Ragbrai sometime. I only went after a few friends encouraged me to go, since I don’t like crowds. But I loved it, which you can see in some pictures in my blog.

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