I’ve always loved endurance sports but not for winning, quite the opposite.

I enjoy sharing the experience with others, seeing this wonderful world, and feeling fit. At first, I ran a little, then moved on to marathons, and then realized that running damaged some disks in my back, which hurt. I switched to cycling and have rarely been so happy that I had a little pain, from running.

I started cycling in 2010 when I lived in London. At first, it was a bit scary to cycle on the left, near double-decker buses, and on winding roads. Those wind so much that the word “block” doesn’t exist in British English. That word requires 4 straight roads, which doesn’t happen often in London or other parts of Britain.

After learning to love cycling in London, I cycled further, and eventually, my bike took me across the island of Britain. Later, I cycled in Belgium and France. In 2015, I returned to the US. Initially, I looked forward to more long cycle rides, but they had to wait when I learned that I had prostate cancer, click here for part of that story.

In 2017, I learned that my cancer had spread, but a new medication is keeping it under control. And new medications are coming out, so my fears have faded, mostly. The whole experienced made me embrace life more, so in the summer of 2018, I cycled across the US. I’m also planning more rides. I can’t say that I’m happy about having cancer, but it did nudge me toward enjoying long bike rides sooner than later. The story goes on.

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