Starting on May 4, I’m going to cycle across the US and raise money for cancer research, since I have advanced cancer. My chances of finishing the ride are as good as anyone else’s because I’m an experienced cyclist, and my doctors have told me I should be fine during the ride.

All this sounds ambitious, but honestly, long bike rides me feel like a kid in Disney Land. This blog shows why, see the Favorites tab for some reasons. The peaks on the ride beat chemo, and as a cyclist friend of mine says, “There’s no mountain I can’t push my bike up.” Cyclists like us don’t mind pushing a bike up hill. We don’t care about fast. We care about far and the great people we always meet.

I’m excited about raising money for cancer research. The meds I’m on now come from a clinical trial from the summer of 2017, called the Latitude Trial. That trial shows that my cancer should be under control for about 3 years, and I should live more than 5. In that time, more trials and treatments can happen, but guys like me need your help. Please consider donating to my ride. All contributions will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Thanks for stopping by.