Costs for Trans America Ride

As this blog shows, I love cycle touring. The USA has so many wonderful sights, so I want to cycle across it. My oncolgists tell me I should do that soon because I’ve had cacner for 2 years, and regretagly it’s spread. I’m raising money to pay for my personal costs during the 3 1/2 month ride across the US, so donors know what they’re paying for. In the table below, costs listed as monthly are multiplied by 3.5 in the total, since the ride is 3 1/2 months.

Paid to Purpose Amount Frequency Total
Adventure Cycling I’m joining a touring group to get help if I need it. I also want to share the experience with other cyclists. Adventure Cycling is respected touring organization. This payment includes a guide, camp grounds, and food. 5500 Once 5500
Health Insurence Health insurance is important because of my cancer and medications, which costs $10,000 a moth without insurance. 350 Monthly 1225
Storage I moved out of my apartment and will store my furniture and other stuff in a rented storage room. 200 Monthly 700
Gear I have a touring bike and gear that’s worked great in past tours, but I’ll have to replace gear that’s wore out. 400 Once 400
Travel I need to fly to the starting point and fly back from the finish. 300 Twice 600
Shipping I need to ship my bike to the starting point and back when I’m done. 200 Twice 400
Phone Service I hope to live stream during the ride, so I need good phone service. 90 Montly 240
Total 9065